“adastra EG, LLC” Logo
4 Kansas Artists’ Coop
Original design 2004


“a” is 4 “ad” & “astra”
Logo Theme Imprint (2004)


KatScratch.co official logo
Computer Graphic (2017)

Logo on Mixed Media (2017)

LOGO 4 “The WIZARD of iT shares the art he creates!” Majik Sigil (2017)



“QR-Code-4-KatScratch.co 247 LIVE RADIO APP”
by A. Intelligence
“Dapper & Chic” 4 DapperandChic.XYZ
Designed by request 2017


“Rookie, Inc” Logo (2017)


Logo 4 A2Zdetailing.XYZ
Graphic Design 2017


Business Card Design 4 A2Zdetailing.XYZ (DEC 2017)


LOGO for www.LooSeTaG.com  Draft 1 (Dec. 2018)


CrossPromotions.co Logo
Graphic Design (2015)


Zygote Media Networks
My 1st Majikal Logo Circa 1999


“247 HiFi-WiFi™ Internet Network Clouds” aka
AUG. 2017



“247HOTSPOTZ.com” Official Organization Logo
in Chalk and Concrete
(Fremont St. Sidewalk 2017)


“247HOTSPOTZ.com” Logo on Mixed Media (Spring 2017)
Defaced 247HOTSPOTZ.com Logo at Kwik-Shop’s side-walk, a regular location for me to chalk. Apparently some ignorant person took offense and actions in his own hands. It is never a good idea to deface any form of lower majik in anyway.