“The WIZARD of iT says, ‘Do iT 2 iT!”

Artist’s Audience Advisory: Please be advised several of these sigil designs are my interpretations and/or translations of an ancient or old ‘folklore’ traditions; and today, more commonly known as sigil majik.  Some of these designs intend to create real majikal manifestations for those whom view them; though not in a casual manner, such lower majik is used by the apprentice with intent, concentration, frequency and ritual; however, please also know there is no malevolent majik sigilz included here because every majik sigil I attempt to channel are all of positive intent; abundance, prosperity, healing, successful pregnancies, and protection from harm type majikal traditions; however, should one here find that one’s higher-self may perhaps feel a strong attraction to any one of these sigilz, you may wish to explore more of its potential for positive results by printing it off and keeping it on your fridge, mirror, or as I have learned is now most effective with my clients, on your smart device or desktop as a wall paper.

There are also a few requests I encourage you to agree, understand, consent and comply with before using any of The WIZARD’s majikal sigilz.

  1. These digital sigilz, just as all majikal sigilz,  must be hung on the wall with velcro or tape and must never touch the ground, nor ever to be left lying ignored on any surface and never ever placed on any surface face down.
  2. You are encouraged to place the sigil in a prominent place you often confront such as the fridge door, bath room mirror, above one’s bed, on the door; and as I have best learned last year with my younger clientele, placing a digital sigil copy on their smart devices and desktops as wall paper, is just as effective and now I’m recently convinced even more so.
  3. Majikal traditions vary, and the old school of thought, insists that following meditation on the design that one must burn the sigil to produce the desired results of that sigilz majikal intents. However, this has not been this WIZARD’s apprentice’s experience. The majik appears to occur regardless, and for the participant regardless of ever burning the design to ashes.
  4. When you are done with the sigil, wether it be because you feel you’ve gained all you can from it, or have gained exactly what you intended but have enjoyed the design enough to keep it hanging on your wall, that’s fine. However, when you feel you are done with it, if it the piece is still in good condition without tears and stains, etc.; I encourage my clients to pass the sigil on to another person in their circle who may also benefit from the same intentions. (NOTE: NOBODY may ethically profit from the sharing of this majik, and not because the sigilz here represent my personal intellectual property and copyrights, but because, as I understand best that majik may neither be bought nor sold, only shared with others because the BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.
  5. Finally, should your sigil become stained, torn or otherwise useless; please do NOT put it in the trash, rather this time yes, please burn it.