“WIZARD of iT” shares personal growth MAJIk Sigils with 2D arts

MANHATTAN – Internationally recognized and critically acclaimed artist, author, activist, educator, inventor and performer promoting himself as, “The WIZARD of iT” opened a new interactive experimental multimedia art show at the Little Apple Art Supply venue in Manhattan Monday morning with original sigil majik glitter paintings the artist enjoys calling the, “Glitteratti Seriez.”

“My daughter started following the WIZARD’s work on Facebook recently and we came because she really loves these symbols,” said one show patron. “I think it may be a bit too ‘freaky’ for me – but the kids really seem to ‘get iT’.”

According to the WIZARD, sigil majik paintings are yet another form of forgotten and occulted (hidden) mystic practices and an ancient form of lower majik that can help persons focus their true intentions in order to manifest their desired realities much more efficiently.

“After reviewing my first opening day sigil paintings, two persons then asked me ‘how much my sigil majik paintings cost to buy?'” the WIZARD said. “I was as surprised at their question as I they seemed by my answer because I do not, and in fact and in deed, I cannot ever sell real majik arts I create; in fact, I have a moral obligation to share such effective ancient practices and the knowledge of these sciences that I have garnered over my years of study, research and practice; as well as teach others best majik practices as I have learned.”

Majik sigils function with our subconscious intelligence to help better focus our true intentions to help us manifest those positive outcomes we most desire, according to the WIZARD.

The WIZARD has outlined the show with daily educational themes including, “ALPHA,” “NUMBR,” “LOGOS,” and “GNOSIS;”  and is also offering attendees future opportunities to enroll for his private lessons in person or via Skype. Interested beginners are encouraged to sign up and become real majik apprentices. Some of the classes the WIZARD has offered interested apprentices include; “Introduction to Sigil Majik,” “Astrology 101,” “Tarot for Beginners,” and “I-Ching 101.”

“I gladly teach others my sigil creation techniques and other lower majik forms to any honest and truly interested persons and will do so freely for any whom may ask it of me,” the WIZARD said.

The WIZARD said while he does not charge any standard established rate of trade for majik services though also encourages  persons  experiencing the benefits of said practices, to honor their newly acquired skills and knowledge by donating to one of his personal social causes, including; Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention & Awareness and Kansas’ Camp Hope Heartland for Childhood Cancer patients.

“My majik students are able to learn how to more efficiently access their inherent universal powers of manifestation for creating a brighter and better world for us all,” the WIZARD said.

The WIZARD intends daily live painting sessions and majik demonstrations in the late afternoons around 4PM and intends a special live theatrical and dance performance with volunteer student performers after dark on Thursday, January 18th.

Advance adult tickets to the evening’s planned performance piece are $18 and available exclusively at the Little Apple Art Supply, 706 N. 11th, Manhattan, Kansas.

Additional information is available on the WIZARD’s show site @ 010818.me